The GlaMerlinda Liquid Marble Eyeliner glides similar to a marble technique giving you that bold defined eyeliner look! If you're attempting winged liner the precision of the wing will come out so fine that you won't believe it! Oh, and its WATERPROOF!


What makes the our eyeliner better than the others on the market?

  • Affordable price!
  • The liner tip will not dry out after a few uses!
  • Want a bolder touch? Simply just shake the eyeliner a bit!
  • It's waterproof without staining but, easily removable with makeup remover!
  • Cheats your date out of the "take them swimming on the first date" trick!
  • Stays intact throughout the day!
  • Will last you a LONG time before you need to buy another!


Liquid Marble Eyeliner

SKU: 0030