Part of the GlaMerlinda Royalty Glosses, "Glossy Goddes" is your everyday clear gloss. It contains a "peachy-like" fragrance, and is infused with 24k gold flakes and Vitamin E oil to provide the best longest lasting glow on your lips and will have everyone asking you for the "deets" (aka details).

Read below for more information on the benefits:


What are the benfits of gold flakes?

Gold flakes in our lipgloss help improve the appearance of the firmness of the lips while gradually lifting the appearance of wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity all with a calming effect. It is often used for antiaging and helps improve blood circulation leaving you with the most youthful looking lips!


What does the oil base do?

Unlike other glosses that are extremely sticky and heavy on the lips, our GlaMerlinda Royalty Glosses contain an oil base of Vitamin E that soothes the skin leaving you always with a light refreshing feeling. When the gloss begins to get absorbed by your lips after a couple of hours your lips will still withhold a natural glow and be as moisturized as ever!


What are the benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps moisturize the skin and reduce UV damage on the skin. Not only can you see its effects but you can also feel them!

Glossy Goddess

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