We introduce to you the world's first and only 7 magnet lightweight premium mink eyelashes that come in 10 different styles in The Solitaire Collection! The "Alexandrite" lashes are magnetic lashes that stick on when you apply magnetic eyeliner and can be worn up to 40 times.. Thats like 75 cents per wear! In fact, they are even more secure than glued on eyelashes (no more inner corner lifting)!  The magnetic eyeliner is water-proof and when the eyelashes are attached your look is wind-proof! 


Included in the kit:

- 1 Pair of 100% Lightweight Premium Mink Eyelashes

- Magnetic Eyeliner

- A magnetic safekeeping case


Yes, that is correct! You get a pair of lightweight premium mink eyelashes that have 7 magnets on them (providing more security), a full sized magnetic eyeliner, and a magnetic case all for ONLY $30!


SKU: 783759985148
    1. Measure the eyelash band across the width of your eye. 
    2. Only cut off the excess width of the eyelash strip from the side of the lash that will be parralel with the outter end of your eye. Never cut the lash from the part that will be placed on your inner corner!
    3. Apply the magnetic eyeliner and allow to dry.
    4. Place on your eyelashes from outter corner to inner corner of the eye and you're all set!